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Fox Water installs Ruud gas water heaters purchased locally from Simonson Brothers. Chimmney Vent or Power Vent available in 40 gallon or larger depending on the application. We highly recommend Ruud® water heaters for their quality, longevity and service. These heaters come in several different models in both short and tall styles. We can help you determine the best match for your building. Purchase a new water heater through Fox Water and you and your family will stay in plenty of hot water. Just one call to FOX covers the entire process. We’ll arrange to stop & check the installation. We make sure it is a safe installation and no suprises for the customer or our installers. After checking the installation we can proceed with scheduling the installation if the customer chooses.
Business Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00am to 4:30pm | Satuday: 9:00am to Noon
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Water Heaters
Ruud Water Heater features: Patented R-Foam® Tall & Short Models High-efficiency copper heating elements 6-8 year tank and parts warranty Ruudglas Tank® guarantees long tank life Everkleen® self cleaning system fights sediment buildup Ruud Water Heater features: Tall & Short Models 30,000 - 85000 Btu/Hr Equipped with Shield Combustion Low NOx Burner NAECA Compliant Adjustable Thermostat Non-CFC Foam insulation