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Nicolet Natural Water from Fox Water Did you know that over 90% of all bottled water is processed by some means? Many brands are de-ionized or distilled from city water supplies and then injected with artificial minerals. These types cannot be labeled as "natural" water, according to the International Bottled Water Association. Look for the "natural" designation. That is not to say that other bottled water is not safe to drink. However, it is our belief that if you are going to pay for bottled water, why not drink the real thing? Nicolet Natural simply tastes better. It's natural minerals give it a fresh, natural taste. It is indeed "Something Special From Wisconsin." Nicolet Natural comes from an artesian well located in the Nicolet National Forest, 80 miles northwest of Green Bay. As opposed to other bottled water sources drawn near population centers, or sources located in agricultural zones, Nicolet Natural's artesian well is in a 900,000 square acre federally protected wilderness area. An artesian well is created when pressure builds down below the ground, becoming great enough that water flows naturally to the surface. Nicolet Natural is filtered naturally as it percolates down through the protective layers of ancient granite, clay, and silica sand to a protected aquifer. Then, as pressure builds, the water rises naturally through a cased well, up 138 feet from this subterranean aquifer to our state-of-the-art bottling plant. No contaminants are picked up as Nicolet Natural streams to the surface, because the water flows through our well casing and not through soil layers, as in the case of spring water. The Nicolet Forest Bottling Company is regulated by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Food, and Consumer Protection Division; The Food and Drug Administration; the Environmental Protection Agency; as well as the National Sanitation Foundation Routine and unannounced inspections are carried out by all of these agencies. Nicolet Natural is bottled at the source and delivered directly to Fox from Nicolet Forest Bottling. There is no warehouse or middleman to delay shipment. We take delivery approximately every two weeks, so you are assured of freshness as well as quality. We are big enough to serve you, yet small enough to know you, or customer. We take tremendous pride in our prompt and efficient delivery service, as well as our state-of-the-art dispensing equipment, featuring the Water Safe sanitary no spill system.
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Nicolet Natural Water Nicolet Forest Bottling Company (NFBC) was founded in 1987. Fox Water has been a local distributor since 1989. Today, Nicolet is the largest producer of 5 gallon natural artesian water in the Midwest. Nicolet Water is bottled right at its pristine source: deep artesian wells nestled within the Nicolet National Forest. Nicolet Forest Bottling Company is regulated by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Food, and Consumer Protection, the FDA, the EPA, as well as the National Sanitation Foundation, and adheres the IBWA Model Code. Routine and unannounced inspections are carried out on an annual basis by all of these agencies.
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