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In Dane County, WI, we have very hard water.  It can clog pipes and appliances, leave a film on bathtubs & shower tiles, and increase water heating costs and shortening the life of the heater.  A Fox water softener reduces the hardness of water, eliminating these problems and resulting in substantial savings. Digital Metered Fox Water softener which regenerates based on water usage saving salt and water.  A proven control valve for many years along with component parts bought locally in Windsor, WI makes this unit very reliable and cost effective.  Typical service life of 20 years with an average of a couple of service calls.  Warranty: 10 years on both tanks-3 years on parts and 2 years of free service. The Fox Digital Controlled metered softener features a control valve from Clack Corporation in Windsor, WI.  This water softener is user friendly, it monitors family usage and regenerates accordingly.  Average service life of 15 + years with an average of a couple of service calls.  Warranty: 10 years on both tanks-5 years on parts-2 years of free service.
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No one outfoxes hard water like Fox!
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Why choose a Fox Water softener?
Simple, we build each Fox water softener in our shop on the northside of Madison, we stand behind each Fox water softener with an excellent warranty & we pride ourselves delivering fast, reasonable service when needed.